When a frustrated Ske, Bored Ape Yacht Club #7729, accidentally spilled serum on his Trufflez stash late one night in his Brooklyn apartment, little did he know that it would start a scientifically unprecedented chemical reaction that birthed the Nuggz universe!

The TrufflezNFT collection comprises 12,800 unique NFTs. Each Nuggz NFT is algorithmically generated by combining 216+ artistically distinct attributes, with varying rarity across each trait category. More importantly, holding a TrufflezNFT will grant the owner membership access to 1 of 2 Nuggz Clubs - Good or Evil!

No matter whether the owner mints a Good or Evil NFT, all Nuggz holders will receive an ownership stake in the intellectual property related to a proprietary Trufflez cannabis strain. These strains will be produced in a specific grow room in the Trufflez 70,000 square-foot super cultivation facility in downtown LA. Although the competition between the Good and Evil Clubs will be fierce, every holder will share in the profits from the sales related to the IP of their club’s strain.

Groups will enter into a digital marketing competition beginning this fall, with the winning NFT owners earning partial ownership in the next cannabis brand IP.

Check Out Trufflez CEO, Leo Hairsprtian, on the First Smoke of the Day Podcast!


Strain IP Ownership

Unique Digital Collectible

VIP Membership Rewards

Quarterly IP Earnings Call

Launch of Truff Coin

Artists Collaborations




APRIL 2022: WaitList opened with future members becoming eligible for our Pre-Sale.

APRIL 2022: Kicked off series of exclusive virtual events and interactive watch parties in Discord.

MAY 2022: Official TrufflezNFT Nuggz artwork revealed

JUNE 2022: GREEN ROOM Sale Goes Live! 420 NFTs became available for purchase at discounted prices early community adopters.

JUNE 2022: NFT NYC Week Cocktail Party! Music and crypto celebrities in attendance. Simulcast live-stream in the Discord. Watch the Recap Video here.

AUGUST 2022: Official TrufflezNFT announcement of partnership with Moneybagg Yo. Read more about it in Forbes.



 Q1 2023: Loyalty Program for Trufflez brand products begins, with NFT holders having 1st access to benefits.

 Q2 2023: TrufflezNFT Nuggz Merch Store opens, featuring new apparel and collaborations with the hottest fashion houses. Display your Good or Evil Nuggz affiliation proudly IRL!

 Q2 2023 (projected): Official announcement of Trufflez NYC Consumption Lounge delivered to community. Learn more about our exclusive NFT-gated club!

 Q3 2023 (projected): Charitable Donation upon the sale of 70% of the total collection. Entire Nuggz community will vote on how to make a generous financial contribution to a reputable non-profit organization fighting for cannabis criminal justice reform.

 Q3 2023 (projected): Competition Begins! Cannabis-based intellectual property rights are adopted by each Nuggz faction - Good and Evil. Strains from grow rooms are assigned.

 Q3 2023: Announce partnership with game development group to bring Nuggz playable characters to life in MetaReality - an exciting new digital real estate metaverse featuring a detailed 1:1 scale representation of the world.




2 teams of bitter NFT rivals faceoff in a battle to out-perform each other in a contest of promotional and marketing skills, pooled efforts, and creativity.

During the competition, both the Good and Evil Clubs will try to sell out their grow room of new strains first. The faster the clubs work in managing and promoting their strain-based IP the faster the sooner rewards will be distributed to all holders. Each club’s passive income will be distributed based on the IRL consumer adoption and sales of their stash’s attached IP.

The high stakes do not stop there! Winning club members will earn partial ownership in the next cannabis brand IP. The TrufflezNFT collection will provide holders with a cycle of endless financial and social rewards for years to come.



Purchasing the Mint Pass will provide TrufflezNFT buyers with top-notch security and protection, while eliminating gas fess with credit/debit card-based purchases.

Follow the steps below:

Step #1: Check out the product card to the right of this text description. Click the "Buy Now" link, which will enable to you purchase your TrufflezNFT Mint Pass at a discounted price!


Step #2: You'll be directed to the droppTV website. Click the checkbox indicating that you accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Then, select "Quick Buy".


Step #3: Complete your purchase with cryptocurrencies via your Coinbase wallet, or with fiat through a debit, credit card, or Google Pay.


You'll receive a confirmation email with details on when to check your dropp wallet for your TrufflezNFT airdrop. To see your wallet at any time, go to "Menu" and click on "My Wallet".



Founded in 2018 and based in California, the Trufflez team is comprised of leading experts in exotic cannabis cultivation and manufacturing in the United States. To ensure consistent high-quality standards, Trufflez oversees and manages ALL stages of production, from initial planting to the end user's experience. With 20+ unique strains and growing, Trufflez continues to develop, test, and improve its operations, processes, and product to remain an innovator in the cannabis culture. Trufflez has been endorsed by major label artists like MoneybaggzYo.

The TrufflezNFT collection will consist of 2 phases: Pre-Sale and Public. During the Pre-Sale phase, 420 NFTs (only 3% of the total collection) will be available at discounted prices. During the Public sale, the remaining 12,380 NFTs will be available for mint at the price of $480.00 USD.

The Pre-Sale will be called the "Green Room":

Green Room: Open and available for a limited group of 420 selected wallets on Wednesday, June 22nd at 1:00 pm EST (10:00 am PST). Minting at the discounted price of $400.00 - a 16% discount.

The Public Sale will kick off on August 6th at 1:00 pm EST (10:00 am PST).

Each unique Nuggz NFT will have a floor price $480.00 USD. Fiat mints will be available on this website - truffleznft.com. During the Pre-Sale phase, discounts on NFTs will be provided to our early adopters.

If the collection is sold out by the time you come across truffleznft.com, the floor price on Open Sea will be the ETH equivalent of $480.00 USD (if resales are available and posted by holders). For resales, raffle auction rules will apply, meaning the price will increase based on demand.

There are a few ways to qualify for the Green Room. First, fill out the form at the bottom of this website, join and verify your username in the Discord, and participate in the community building process. Green Room spots will be distributed to Discord members that show up for our virtual events, repost Trufflez social media posts, and at random selection.

The most sure way to qualify for the Green Room is by filling out this form below, after completing 1 of the associated tasks: https://wl.truffleznft.com/.

If you are chosen for the Green Room, you will be notified via Discord, Twitter DMs, or email - whichever method you used to participate with the TrufflezNFT community.

During the Green Room Pre-sale and the Public sale, there will be no limit on the amount of NFTs each individual/wallet can purchase/mint.

A new form of digital cannabis coin to make purchases within the Trufflez product ecosystem. Details to come!

Each NFT holder will be placed in one of 2 clubs based on their NFT: “Good” or “Evil” nuggz with a strain to match their nuggz personality – Good gets an Indica type strain, Evil gets a Ruderalis strain. Their goal – who can SELL OUT their grow room of 100 pounds of flower FIRST.

Once the complete roster is filled out for each Club – the competition begins! Each Club, with the help of a designated dropp and Trufflez team member, will need to organize and strategize to develop ideas and tactics to promote their respective strain.

This could include:

- Setting up specific dates/times for social media raids when the entire community can be active on the platforms

- Coming up with memes and graphics to promote their strain

- Create the “story” around each strain to create the “buzz” necessary for their strain to STAND OUT from the competition

- Developing other products with the IP/Brand attached (T-shirts, logos, etc.) to promote their strain
* Note: all products will need to be approved by the dropp/Trufflez club lead before launching

Not only will all club members share in the rewards of their work, but hard-working team members that help lead their team to tracked success will be given special rewards. Work to reward your Club and yourself.

Stay informed & become eligible for our Pre-Sales